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Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
I test fired some mg 142 gr. 1.125 OAL 4.7 WSF.
I haven't cronoed them yet but they were accurate and felt pretty good. I liked them enough to make up a couple hundred more to get the feel of at any rate.
That's the exact load I'm using for Production right now. I'm running a Jager polymer guide rod & 13# ISMI spring, but it also functions flawlessly with the factory RSA in my GEN 4 G17. I haven't chrono'd it yet either, but it shouldn't have a problem meeting Minor PF.

How do you like it compared to your previous loads? I'm interested to see what you think after shooting a match with them. After trying TG & WST, I'll be sticking with WSF from now on. I also like having the ability to use WSF to duplicate the velocities of factory 124gr +P JHP's. I would have never thought I'd be using the same powder for both.
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