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Originally Posted by Boxerglocker View Post
It isn't just cycling... Try running 1008 fps with a stock Glock weak hand only and get back to us.... Dave Sevigney runs 940 fps with 147 grain AA loads... 138 Pf take that s a hint
Ask you buddy to group that 1008 fps load out to 25 then 50 yards.... that will tell you the truth.
My 135 Pf Bear Creek moly load will group 2 inches off sand bags at 50 yards out of both my Spartan 9mm and G34... will yours?
BTW, my 3 random loads chronographed officially at Washington State IDPA Championships at 1019, 1020, 1020... the consensus at state last year was known to be generous.

My last chrono of my loads in march shot 1020, 1027, 1029, 1022, and 1032 with the listed recipe. I was a little generous with the chrono speeds i listed for myself earlier, correction noted. about 20fps is what was gained off the additional barrel length of the G34 gen3.

And for the record, i've shot thousands of these weak and strong hand. I practice weak and stong a lot.

and i've shot the wings off a fly at 125 yards, kneeling, in the rain and heavy wind while my teammates blared lady gaga in 130 db in my ears to try to throw me off. beat that

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