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VV320 load

Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
I shoot the exact same ammo for any practice and 'plinking' (of which I do none). I could never figure out why folks 'practice' with one round, and shoot matches or match-practices with another. Even before I reloaded, my philosophy was the same.

At any rate, the load I use for IDPA, Steel, and GSSF is the same:
3.6 gr VV N320, behind
147 MG CMJ
OAL ~1.131
Federal SPP
Crimp (with new Starline) ~.3775

Out of a G17 (and I also shoot my G34 for IDPA) this load runs ~905 fps. for a PF of ~133.

These loads are accurate out to 75 yds (not feet), so are obviously fine for the max IDPA distance of 35 yds.
HAve you ever tried VV340 in 9mm? My 9mm load was using VV330,but since It is impossible to find,I am thinking of going with either VV320 or 340. Whats your imput?

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