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Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
tightgroup 4.1gr with a 124g 1.130 OAL chronos at 1110 and is the standard for IDPA 9mm.

I have read were people were having issues with mouse fart loads with 4 gen glocks.
1008 fps is all that's necessary for a 124gr 9mm. Of course you'll want to go a little over that to make sure you don't stray below, but that seems a little excessive...

Mine: 124gr MG JHP, 1.085 COL, 3.6gr BE with a CCI 400 primer. Does 1025-1050 fps out of my gen4 g17. Chrono results show about 20 fps faster from a 34. It's plenty hot to cycle a gen4 reliably.

My buddies Gen3 34s like this load too.

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