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Well, to be fair, a spear is probably the best handheld weapon an untrained person can use. It provides standoff and also gives you both slashing and stabbing capabilty.
It also requires the least amount of skill vs say a knife or tomahawk. Needless to say, there is a reason the spear was THE infantry weapon of choice for eons.

But a well designed tomahawk has way more utility than a big honking knife. I think the Vietnam style tomahawks are not that great--I find the cutting edge has bad angles.
I also would rather see a hammer poll opposite the cutting edge vs a spike. Certainly a tomahawk is not a master of anything. But a good one can chop wood fine. Its a fearsome CQB weapon if you understand its limitations (forget throwing it). Trust me, a tomahawk wielding Indian ruined more than a few white men's days.

I have used a tomahawk on deer and its adequate. Not great. But you use the head like an eskimo knife and it can do the job. Not as well as a 3" hunting knife. But easily as well as something like a Cold Steel Trailmaster knife.

Don't dis the tomahawk.
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