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Originally Posted by njl View Post
WSF is by far the slowest of the above mentioned powders. I'm kind of surprised you'd get the least felt recoil from WSF unless they were all to different velocity/PFs. Had you chrono'd all the different loads?
I know, it surprised the crap out of me too. It wasn't necessarily the least felt recoil, but the recoil impulse itself. It's still only 9 Minor, so felt recoil isn't drastically different anyway. The TG/WST seemed to have a little more snap, and the WSF seemed to have more push (which you would expect from a fast vs slower powder comparison). I guess I just like the push better. I didn't get a chance to chrono them before the match, but they should all be around 135pf. I have a 2yr old and a 11mo old, so I'm lucky I had time to shoot the match. I'm hoping to chrono a ton of different loads soon though. I was shooting 4.1gr TG, 4.8gr WST & 5.1gr WSF. I REALLY wanted to like the WST load, because I have 4# of it, and I'd like to be able to shoot lead/moly without TG-like smoke. I can shoot lead/moly with WSF too, so that worked out anyway. It works out even better because I also REALLY like WSF in 40 & 45.


The deciding factor for which load fit me best, was shooting each load during a match. The 5.1gr WSF load (which could probably drop down to 4.7-4.9gr and still meet PF) didn't feel night and day better at the range. However, during the match, I liked the recoil impulse better, tracked the sights better & scored better compared to the TG/WST loads. I even mixed in my 147gr Berrys/3.5gr TG load for a stage, and I still just don't dig the heavier bullets for 9 Minor. This was all in my GEN 4 G17.

GEN 3 20LS/20SF/21SF/30SF/23/34/26
GEN 4 17/19/21/34/35

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