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Originally Posted by Meathead9 View Post
I recently loaded and shot a bunch of loads for USPSA production, using PD 124gr JHP's with WSF, WST & Titegroup. Side by side, there was no considerable difference in accuracy, but the WSF loads' recoil impulse felt the best to me. Then I shot all 3 loads at a match for a couple stages each, and again the WSF was the winner for me. I had previously been shooting 147gr Berry's over 3.5gr Titegroup, but I'll be sticking with the 124's from now on.
WSF is by far the slowest of the above mentioned powders. I'm kind of surprised you'd get the least felt recoil from WSF unless they were all to different velocity/PFs. Had you chrono'd all the different loads?
what guns?
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