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Originally Posted by cyrsequipment View Post
Name a handheld weapon that you would choose to stop a threat instead of a gun.
Your point?

I personally don't see the need for one but as Quake said, you don't have to need something to buy it.
Hell, he can buy whatever he wants. Like I said above it's a cool toy. But, since he posted in the S&P forum, I gave my thoughts on it as a S&P tool

Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
I really want one to carry on my crash bag, but I just haven't found the tool I want. Probably going to break down and just order one of these..
Handle one of those before you buy. I've played with them just because they look so cool, but they are FREAKING HEAVY for what they are. They're also expensive and I couldn't really figure out anything that it could do better than a regular old cheapie crowbar. Honestly, do you need a board straightener in your BOB?

I picked up an 18" Eastwing prybar for ~20$ and it's been awesome. I used the crap out of it doing demo and construction and it held up pretty good. The only damage was I finally destroyed the nail notch by pounding it through nails and screws to shear them off the concrete forms. It's compact, light, cheap, and does an awesome job.

Survival/Preparedness Forum

Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
My buddy has the trench hawk, vicious looking weapon... but not very utilitarian when you need it, it's more like a dedicated weapon hawk.
On that note one of the harder training groups reviewed hawks in general. (I don't recall where the write up was) The consensus was that a spike on the back posed just as much, if not more, danger to the wielder than his opponent. You could do some serious damage with a hawk, but for real fighting, a hammer back was a better choice. But overall a hawk was WAY down the list of HtH weapons.
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