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I shoot the exact same ammo for any practice and 'plinking' (of which I do none). I could never figure out why folks 'practice' with one round, and shoot matches or match-practices with another. Even before I reloaded, my philosophy was the same.

At any rate, the load I use for IDPA, Steel, and GSSF is the same:
3.6 gr VV N320, behind
147 MG CMJ
OAL ~1.131
Federal SPP
Crimp (with new Starline) ~.3775

Out of a G17 (and I also shoot my G34 for IDPA) this load runs ~905 fps. for a PF of ~133.

These loads are accurate out to 75 yds (not feet), so are obviously fine for the max IDPA distance of 35 yds.

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