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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
No need to get ugly. I am only pointing out the falacy of your statement. Shoot a 44mag a lot, you get really good with one, good enough to win a gunfight against the street trash. Now you want to bring in a trained Ninja, fine, but again, just pointing out your lack of gun knowledge. Even a 150yr old Colt45 SAA can win in a gunfight against a "better armed" attacker if the guy shooting it knows what he is doing & keeps his head. The shooter is always the defining factor, not so much the gun or ammo, of course luck always plays into theses things too. Far too may think or maybe need 15rds + two reloads to stop an assualt on their person, all fine if you are one of those. I am not.
I've owned numerous 44 mags in the past but I'll take a good auto-loader to a gun fight any day over a wheelgun.

If you plan on winning a gun fight with a SA revolver forget Dirty Harry you better be Josie Wales and hope your better armed attacker is blind in one eye and can't see outta the other.

The "street trash" (gang bangers) here in NM actually spend some time shooting and trng to shoot cops and each other. I don't take them for granted.
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