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Originally Posted by glock20c10mm View Post
With 9, 40, or 45,...well...I'll just wish you luck with either of them forcing a perp to stop what they were doing before you squeezed one or two off that weren't CNS hits. Luckily much of the time they simply give up either upon them seeing you have a weapon or after being shot, of their own free will.

357SIG seems to have the possibility of being a different story as I've heard about it racking up more one shot stops in it's still relatively short life history than normally seems apparent with 9, 40, or 45.
Your smoking crack if you think that your 10mm will perform any better than a 9, 40, 45, or even a .357 sig in a SD situation. There is nothing magical about any of the SD cal's that includes 10mm and .357 sig.
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