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Originally Posted by gunsmithlee View Post
I think the .357sig was pretty cool when it came out. It had its hay-day, came and went. I know there are still departments out there who stock it, but I'm not seeing it on walmart shelves, and its expensive when you find it. That makes it one of those "specialty rounds" and if I want a necked down .35cal I figure might as well buy that Glock 10mm and drop a 9x25 dillon barrel in it. I believe Buffalo Bore and Double Tap both make it. Go check out those ballistics and get back to me.
I believe .357sig is now the second-most issued state LEA caliber after the .40S&W, but that's from memory of a recent thread. Nevertheless, the cost of the 9X25 ammo is going to be higher and harder to find than .357sig.

As for "expensive" I was at Wal-Mart not an hour ago and the shelves are bare of nearly everything, with the prices of all ammo higher than it was a couple of months ago. Glad I stoked up on the 9mm and .357sig when I did.
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