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Originally Posted by ABNAK View Post
ETA---looked it up and the low was 1388 and the high was 1542 for an extreme spread of 154fps! I was correct about the average velocity though of 1452.
This extreme spread is why I like Speer, Federal, and Remington JHP self-defense ammo. The stats I've read on their ES numbers aren't nearly as wide, indicating better quality control.

It's critical that the first shot be accurate whatever the caliber (eliminating the which is the best caliber debate) so I want my carry ammo to be as consistent as possible. The numbers posted for DT's .357sig don't give me a problem since the low end certainly is normal caliber velocity, but I more often carry 9mm and prefer having more confidence in achieving acceptable velocity, where quality control definitely comes into play.

I don't remember the recent thread but Speer's .357sig ammo yielded a very narrow, consistent velocity spread. That's what I prefer.
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