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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
May will poopoo higher vel impacts. I believe that once an expanding bullet gets to about 1500fps, it starts wounding more like a rifle. THis is only based on my personal exp shooting living things, but higher vel w/ good bullets does seem to produce better results than just poking caliber holes. The trick is getting a good bullet to hold together long enough to reach vitals. Why I am not a big fan of the super light wts in any caliber, they often just come apart too soon.

For some handgun bullets I'd even lower that down to 1,300 fps.

This is why I am intrigued with the Barnes SCHP's in handguns driven to über velocities as loaded by Buffalo Bore & Double Tap. I have only seen one bare gel test in a gun rag of the DT 9mm 80 gr. 9mm load and it was VERY impressive!! I'd sure like to see some more scientific testing of this platform.
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