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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
Your opinion, probably based on your lack of skill w/ a magnum handgun. Who says you can't have accurate large caliber, magnum, accurate & rapid fire? You connect w/ good bullets from a 44magnum & you won't need 6 hits, not even 5, maybe not more than one. Just because you can't doesn't mean others can't. My only issue w/ anything larger than a N-frame 44mag is size & wt. Certainly not the ability to shoot it fast & accurate. BTWm first shot times w/ a 9mm or 44mag rev would be about the same so????
Excellent point. First, I was always surprised how quick my follow up shots were with the 44mag revolver I used to have. And yeah, first shot time puts everything on equal ground in terms of the time to get the first shot off in any reasonably sized platform.

Second, true, with proper load selection 44mag will incapacitate adversaries quicker than lesser cartridges therefore requiring less good hits per adversary should there be more than one.

With 9, 40, or 45,...well...I'll just wish you luck with either of them forcing a perp to stop what they were doing before you squeezed one or two off that weren't CNS hits. Luckily much of the time they simply give up either upon them seeing you have a weapon or after being shot, of their own free will.

357SIG seems to have the possibility of being a different story as I've heard about it racking up more one shot stops in it's still relatively short life history than normally seems apparent with 9, 40, or 45.

Of course I carry 10mm with virtually no relevant street credibility to back it up, so what do I know. To each their own.
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