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Originally Posted by breacher1 View Post
maybe, but you'd be a tard to carry one for SD. If you missed with your first shot you would have about 6 rds in you or a knife in your sternum from the BG before you got off a second shot.

gunfights are all about rapid accurate gunfire. hand cannons are for hunting bears or saying "everyone look at me" at the range
Trust me, you'd be a tard well before I ever would be and I wasn't advocating carrying a .500 Mag as a CC or OC or any other purpose. I've owned an S&W 500 for 3 years now and the only time I've taken it along with me outside of range trips is when I've been bear hunting a total of two times. I was merely making a joking statement. Lighten up.

The day that you can tell me anything about gunfights is the day that free .50 BMG sniper rifles and free F-22 RAPTOR fighter jets are given out by the Government as 4th of July independence presents to all decent citizens of the US.

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