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Originally Posted by Amplified View Post
I have a 229 in .40 S&W. I'm however, not a fan of caliber conversion barrels etc. I like my guns to be one caliber and one only.
Even though the 357SIG barrel for a 229 isn't a "conversion? Other than the barrel, the .40 and 357 models are identical. Hell, SIG doesn't even mark caliber on them except for the barrel hood.

Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
Maybe, but for me the 229 is a no-go in terms of carryability. I wish it weren't as I love that gun.
My 229 is my go-to carry gun, and it hides just as well as my 32 did, even though I currently use a holster for it I'm not a big fan of.

Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
I was a bit put off shooting my first serious duty caliber handgun, my Generation 3 G-32 because of the "stiff" recoil you mention. After I installed a Wolff stainless steel guide rod and Wolff 20# spring the muzzle flip was noticeably reduced.

Not questioning your preferred choice, just mentioning what a tweak did for me.
Part of my problem with the 32 was that the grip size and shape did not work for my hands very well. Taking down the finger nubs helped, but not a lot. The only Glocks that fit my hand well are the 17/23/32 sized ones. The 229 is a different story, though.
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