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Radian, do you have the new RSA 0-8-1? All my other Glocks never fail to go to battery no matter how much I ride the slide. They have older RSA's.

I have looked at my RSA 0-8-1 (or 0-1-8) closer. It is difficult to explain; but, it appears to have some kind of double action to it compared to my older G26 and G27 RSA's. It has a metal cap enclosing another spring and it feels like it slightly hangs up at the end of the metal cap. As stated previously without any rounds in the gun and without any magazine, I tried racking the slide a little less so the the metal cap did not pop out and it won't fail to go into battery no matter how slow I ride the slide. But if I rack the slide back a little further to where the metal cap pops out, then it fails to go into battery only when I ride the slide.

This may very well be a design function, and there probably is nothing wrong with the RSA. It may be just as strong as the older RSA's.

I would be curious to see if anyone else is having this experience with the new RSA in the subcompacts. If you try this, before you do, make sure there is no round in the chamber (empty gun) and the magazine is out of the gun.

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