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Back from the range. 200 rounds today, with not even a single problem.

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Again, I'm not an expert with the pistols in general, but I'll slowly learn.
Trigger was just fine to me, very much Glock like, maybe even less spongy than Glock is. Very positive reset with loud "click" (took me about 2 magazines to remember that I actually can use the reset to my own good).
I couldn't feel any recoil at all. Very mild shooting pistol - probably thanks to very low bore axis. I really like it.
Here is what I don't like: every second or third empty case was ejected in very positive way right at my forehead and if not for the hat that I was wearing I would be even more ugly today than usual.
I was shooting at close range and moved the target to 10 meters (11 yards) and 15 meters (16.5 yards) later on. This particular target was used at 10 meters (head, torso and pelvis) and 15 meters (torso).

General Firearms Forum

Certainly it's combat accurate even in my hands.
That's it for today. Thanks!
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