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I've had an SR9c for over a year now. I shoot it better than my Glock, and I think the reason is because the SR series really has a tiny grip compared to other double-stack 9mm pistols (much slimmer than a Glock anyway). If my hands were bigger that probably wouldn't be an issue.

Anyway, according to my records, I've put just over 1000 rounds through it so far, without any failures. I like the short trigger pull. Even though it's somewhere around 6 pounds, IIRC, hickok45 calls it almost a hair trigger because it doesn't travel far before it breaks. Probably the other reason I shoot it better.

If the newer full-sized SR pistols have the same trigger as the compact models, I wouldn't hesitate owning one. I prefer the C model, though, because it takes the 17rnd SR9 mags (with mag adapter for a full grip) so IMO I have the best of both worlds. The only downside with the big mags in the compact gun is it's easy to pinch your palm between the grip of the gun and the adapter when you slam the mag home (the pain helps you learn to avoid doing that after a couple of times though ).
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