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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Once again I have to ask, how many disgruntled LWD barrel owners are actually reading this thread? My guess is 5 or less. Your complaint is noted that you were tricked into purchasing a match grade barrel that does not fit your reload. You refuse to return the barrel and pay $30 to have it altered.

How about I waive the $30 fee? You return the barrel and I will recut it to the Colt chamber. Once you receive the barrel with the new chamber you can repost how it works..... but you still get to complain about how you had to go through all this BS to get $30 off the price of the barrel and LWD sucks as usual.

I will talk to my IT guys and see about putting up some kind of warning on-line that our match grade barrels may not fit your home rolls so if you plan to make a purchase, we advise you to send in a few dummy loads so we can verify fit.

Shot: Glock factory barrels SUCK for reloaders. The chamber runs up to 6 thousandths larger than SAMMI. If you even had a CLUE you would not have posted such a silly statement

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So, you're going to put a disclaimer on your website about how your barrels may not fit reloads and you're going to waive the $30.00 fee? That sounds like what C4W and others had suggested you do all along. That sounds like a great idea.
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