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Originally Posted by diamondd2 View Post
Well a Gen 4 G20 dosent count because all that is, is a Gen4 G21 with 10mm barrel.
Guess you aren't aware of the differences in the 20, and 21. There is more to it than a barrel swap. The fact, that all others, who claim the 4th Gen in other models, is a change from the 3rd Gen, would in fact, make the 4th Gen intro of the 10MM model, a "New" introduction.

With Ruger sales rising 400% over the previous years sales, you are correct, they have no reason to introduce a 10. Nor does any of the other manufactures, you have listed. Not until sales come back to reality, will they see a need, to make new offerings, to generate sales figures. I can also say, and not that it matters, to anyone, is, all the manufactures you mentioned will not sell me another 9, or 40, or 45! Those have been covered. Over, and over, and over again. Ruger, if you want to sell me another firearm, it had better be something in 10MM. A single action, carbine, P-Series, matters not. If it's not in 10, I'm not interested. Same goes with Sig, H&K, M&P, on, and on. Again, I know it matters to no one. Just imagine if there are, I don't know, maybe 10 thousand firearm enthusiasts that feel like I do. Don't want, or need a 4th, or 5th, 9MM, and sales, become lack luster at, let's say Ruger. All of a sudden some high ranking sales figure, decides to come up with a new "10 SERIES" lineup. How about a SP-10, Blackhawk 10MM, DEERCAMP 10, and lastly a beefed up P-Series 10? Think Rugers sales would go up? I believe so!
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