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Originally Posted by freakshow10mm View Post
Which is a piece of junk and will swage lead bullets smaller in diameter. This will cause leading from the bullet being undersized and gas blowing by the gap. The FCD is a crutch for people that can't properly adjust their sizing die and is even worse for lead.

As I've stated in the thread a few times I've never had a problem with my threaded G30 LWD barrel either.

Lot of folks here that talk in sound bites and reiterate ad copy from companies which perpetuates bad advice.
I agree!

After twenty years in the firearms industry I have quite a distaste for most things LEE. I have sent more LEE products back, had more problems with the product line and more dissatisfied customers than all others combined.

I like to refer to the FCD as LEE's solution to a non existant problem.

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