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Since this necrothread has arisen from the grave I might as well chime in with my .02.

There is an inescapable parallel betwenn the 10mm and the .41 mag, not just on the bore diameter similarity, although that is a part, but in the concept of a "niche" round.
I have 3 .41s and I reload for the round. I have also been shooting the 10mm for about a dozen years now, starting with a Witness and having just acquired a G20sf. Neither of the two rounds are going away but neither is about to be "rediscovered" the facts are out there and the general shooting public is/are rather blase' about them. For that reason the factories have no real incentive to ramp it up in production and without the increased production not enough shooters will be exposed. My LGS does a pretty good business and they order quite a few Glocks in 10mm. Seems as though a lot of folks think highly of the versatility in this area. despite this the LGS only has 3 boxes of ammo on the shelf at this moment because most of the shooters are reloaders or order their own. This leads me to the conclusion that, the 10mm just doesn't appeal to the "over the counter" consumer. Since Bill Ruger designed his first semi auto centerfire to house the 10mm, but that was not to be and it became a massively "overdesigned" .45 there "might" exist the possibility of it re-emerging as a 10mm, (very doubtful) but I don't see a new pistol being designed for a round that is still a "cult" specialty. The round tends to generate a bit of havoc in whichever existing platform it's put in and I can't help but wonder how the Ruger design would have held up.
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