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Update. But, first, thank you again,Voyager, for the link. That photo in the link shows what appears to be wear in the approximate area of mine. Mine, however, is more toward the tip of the bullet shaped mold mark and is extremely minor in comparison. My "gouge" is more of like the thinness of the metal end of the recoil spring. It looks like the end it just kind of caught in there and then there is a very slight scuff in front of the "gouge". The "gouge" is also very shallow. Maybe "gouge" isn't the right word to describe it. Bottom line is that it is extremely minor.

Now for the update. Put 50 rounds of Blazer Aluminum through it. It ran with Glock Perfection, just like the previous 100 rounds mentioned above. After every 10 rounds in the first 30, I took the slide off with no problem. After the last 20 rounds, I took the slide off with no problem and observed that the "gouge" has not changed. Still extremely minor. Nevertheless, it still will not go into full battery when empty if I ride the slide.

By the way, this little Gen 4 G26 is a great little shooter. At this point, I don't know whether I like it better than my Gen 3 G26 in so far as its feel. Using it with no backstrap attachment.

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