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Gen 4 G26 Recoil Spring Issue

Just got my new Gen 4 G26. Field stripped it and noticed how easily the recoil spring came out (very little tension).

I then noticed that if I rode the slide a little to reset the trigger, as opposed to letting it go, the slide would not go into full battery. I chalked it up to a need for break-in, although I have never had such a thing happen with any of the various Glocks I own.

Fired 50 rounds of 124 gr. Lawman and 50 rounds of WWB. It ran perfectly. Brass going where it supposed to and no issues of any kind.

Go to field strip it. Can't get the slide off. Yep, the magazine was out and the trigger pulled. I'm thinking WTH. Turns out the the recoil spring had fallen out of its retention slot and I had to pull back on it to re-seat it in order to get the slide off. Now it appears that my reciever has a little gouge mark where the recoil spring may have caught it when I tried to get the slide off.

Okay, I am a bit perplexed and am foucsing on the recoil spring as the cause of the issue. It still does not go into full battery if I don't let the slide go back fast.

I have a Gen 3 G27 and G26. I thought I would try the recoil springs of those 2 and there was no issue with the slide going to full battery no matter how I rode it.

The recoil spring looks a lot different form those on my Gen 3's. It has the numbers (going counterclockwise) 0, 1(or it could be a 7) and 8.

Questions: Anyone have a similar issue? Anyone know anything about whether these new recoil springs are designed to have what appears to be less tension, or maybe I just got a weak one, or maybe my diagnosis it incorrect? Any other thoughs are welcome.

Oh, by the way, I do plan on going out and shooting it again today to see if the problem with the slide not coming off duplicates. This is my main concern.

EDIT: Note that riding the slide and it not going into full battery was being done without a magazine in the pistol or with an empty magazine in the pistol. Of course, there was no round in the chamber(empty gun).

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