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I'll be heading to the range on Sunday, so hopefully a short range report will follow.
I cleaned the gun today and have some more pictures and observations for You.
The sights on the SR9 are adjustable for both windage and elevation and pretty easy to acquire even to my "getting older" eyes. I know that the fixed sights are available from XS Sights if that's your preference (maybe some other producers are also offering their products for this pistol, but this I don't know).

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I like the fact that the rail is nearly invisible on this pistol - I personally don't like the rails, but I can see some use for them at times. Anyway - it's there is You need it.
Pistol has very low bore axis and good pointability - it comes on the target in quite natural way - not like the Glock pistols which are anything, but natural pointers to me.
I don't understand the safety idea really. I don't like it and I wish Ruger to remove it sometimes down the road. No problem with disengaging it though - I just can't see much use for it on the combat pistol with Glock-like safeties.
Pistol is absolutely safe without one. Huge loaded chamber indicator is overkill in my opinion as well.
Another thing - I wouldn't mind to see some more positive gripping areas on the slide. Slide serrations are fine while the hand is dry, but a bit of oil, sweat or...blood and it's quite difficult to rack the slide (at least on the new pistol).
Magazines have a nice feature though - flat ledges on each side, so the magazine can be easily removed from the gun in the event of a double feed. All You need in such case is to unload and reload the gun without need to lock the slide open before stripping the magazine. Could be a life-saving idea.
Quality of machining is ok, but I've noticed a few rough spots here and there, however it shouldn't affect the function.
After disassembly the pistol reminds me Glock platform a lot.

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Process of taking the pistol apart is fairly easy probably similar to M&P 9 from what I was reading except for removing the slide stop pin. That's it for today. Thanks!

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