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SR9C story.

A couple months ago, a lady I taught to shoot, wanted to shoot in a live fire simulator trainer.
I don't know what you call it but it's a life size "video game" using live ammo. Somehow the various scenarios act/react lifelike to your actions/shooting like a good computer game.
The bad guys will go down if you hit them with a good "killing" shot but may keep fighting/shooting back when wounded or hit with a small caliber.

The woman was doing very good with several different guns. Then for what the operator said was a fast multiple bad guy scenario I loaned the lady my Crimson Trace equipped SR9C (above picture).

One at a time the bad guys came at the lady from all directions and all distances. The action was fast.
I was amazed at just how good the lady was with that gun.

I think there were seven bad guys total. The lady dropped them all before they got off a good shot at her.

The simulator operator said no one had ever gotten through that scenario without getting shot.

I was impressed with the lady's shooting and the SR9C.
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