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Yes Buck, limited capacity is one of our problems here, up North (10 for the pistols, 5 for the semi-auto rifles - with some exceptions). We also can't carry (except for a very few of us, professionally involved in some "dangerous" activities on daily basis). We just scrapped the so-called long gun registry, so there is slow improvement, but nowhere near Texas laws for sure
Anyway back to the topic, Ruger SR9 is less expensive pistol than the models offered by the competing companies (at least here) by about $150-190 - which for many people is a lot of money. As already mentioned the original model was recalled very soon after it was introduced. Ruger installed the new trigger assembly very Glock-like in appearance, but nothing as nice in terms of trigger pull. Owners were still complaining about heavy, gritty trigger pull, sticky magazine release button that could render the gun to be inoperable and fixed sights. To answer those complains Ruger made another modifications implementing the trigger group taken from the compact models along with the new magazine release button and adjustable sights. Also the slide was slightly modified as You can notice by looking at the pictures of the older guns.
Very first thing that I've noticed is how nice this pistol fits into my hand. Nothing like Glock 17. More like 1911 really and for good reason.
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Unloaded pistol with the magazine inserted shows 731 grams (25.79 ounces) on my kitchen scale. I believe it's a bit more than M&P 9 or Glock 17, but not by much. Maybe the sights made out of steel?
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