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365 days with Ruger SR9

During the next year I'm going to share my impressions and experiences with Ruger SR9 - one that I've got recently.
Good or bad - I'm not really planning forward to be positive or negative about this pistol. I'm just wondering if this model can be a real alternative to the ever popular Glock 17 or S&W M&P 9. Only time will tell. I have to say that this, particular gun was pre-owned, but never fired before. After the initial inspection I have to agree with such statement. It came in the typical, Ruger plastic box supplied with the safety instructions, 2 magazines (pinned to 10 rounds thanks to the local regulations) and magazine loader (nothing fancy, but it works). It's the latest, so called 3rd generation (even though Ruger is not using such nomenclature) of the first ever, striker fired pistol made by this American company. Black slide on the black, polymer frame. Adjustable rear sights with the three dots system implemented. As we all are aware, Ruger is not afraid to go back to the drawing board and start fresh. That's exactly what happened with this pistol after it was introduced in 2007. I think that it's a good thing to see the company that is not afraid to admit that they made a mistake and fix it without trying to call the problem "upgrade" or blame the used ammo for the problems with the gun.
That's it for today. More details to come. Thanks!

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