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Originally Posted by Amplified View Post
That isn't all that a sidearm is about. 9mm is okay, but if I were going to carry a .35 caliber, it would be .357 Sig. Double Tap has a new load in .357 Sig that reaches 1,550 fps with a 4" barrel! That would be about the equivalent of 9mm +p+p+p+p+.

Sounds impressive in the world of small sidearms, but still not a real showstopper in the grand scheme of things... One must place even that round accurately to expect an immediate improvement of a bad situation... Place that shot poorly and the results will be dismal, as with any SD sidearm... Place the new .357 Sig accurately and it will have very helpful results, as with any SD sidearm.. I do like the .357 Sig caliber as much as any SD cartridge though, just too expensive for me to really burn through ammo...
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