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Originally Posted by K.Kiser View Post
They all suck, but any port in a storm is what a sidearm is about.. The biggest difference in these calibers is the opinions that follow them... The shooter that can remain composed for that last moment to sink 2-3 shots where they need to go will win everytime.. A well trained and accurate marksman that can continue to operate under pressure will make almost any weapon more lethal than a keyboard commando is with a rail gun...

With that said, I just ordered a CCW in 9mm... I picked a 9mm due to slightly more capacity in a small handgun to make me feel better, but equally important is the 9mm is more affordable which allows me more practice and practice means effectivness...
That isn't all that a sidearm is about. 9mm is okay, but if I were going to carry a .35 caliber, it would be .357 Sig. Double Tap has a new load in .357 Sig that reaches 1,550 fps with a 4" barrel! That would be about the equivalent of 9mm +p+p+p+p+.

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