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Originally Posted by M&P Shooter View Post
Caliber debates usually turn into most people trying to justify their purchase based on internet tales from other people trying to justify their tales based on no facts other then shooting at blocks of gel. Bottom line is the 40cal & 45acp are a better choice for someone who is not recoil sensitive to a little more snap. A bigger bullet will do more damage against soft tissue and organs. If a 9mm and 45acp jhp both fail to expand the 45acp is still going to make a larger wound channel and if they both expand the 45acp will still make a larger wound channel. Now most people will say "not much of a difference in diameter" but in a fight for my life I will take any edge I can get, even if it's a very small edge that's still better then nothing.

The 9mm is a small high speed round that doesn't have the momentum behind it like the 180gr 40 or 230gr 45acp. Don't get me wrong shot placement is everything and that's why I practice with my G23 which is my 24/7 carry gun and my 1911 5" 45acp and I can hit just as good with them from self defense distances as I can with my CZ 75B 9mm which I never carry because I don't care for the 9mm as a self defense round when I can carry my G23 and get high capacity in a 9mm size weapon but with a 180gr jhp.
180 gr totally sucks in .40 Smith. Too slow! Use 135 gr or give up your .40 and go up to .45 ACP where the 185 gr has better ballistics. Why in the heck would you want a subsonic round?
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