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Originally Posted by Apetrulis01 View Post
1. I have tried to put a Millet DMS 1-4x on the rifle.

2. I understand BCM is a better made rifle. I was trying to combine the two worlds (duty/play) and trying to maybe get another rifle. I was pricing out free floating the handguard ($150), low mount gas block ($50), new flip up front sight ($80), and getting a new trigger ($250). Combine that with selling the rifle and I can get a new rifle with the upgrades and a 1 in 8" twist barrel.

I know people are back and forth on stag. But I noticed the Colt, also I saw the S&W V-Tac II rifle with is only in the $1600 range.

So, just to be clear, you HAVE NOT put the Millet DMS to see how it works with the front sight post, right?

Do that first, before you do anything else. You're probably not going to, or just barely, notice the FSB. This comes from the good folks over in the BRF that have done the same thing as you want to do.

Back to your math. You get, say, $800 for your rifle (maybe), then figure in the $530 you figure you're saving on not doing the up-grades to your existing rifle. So, you have about $1330 to go towards either a Colt at around $2k, or a S&W at $1600

So you're dumping another $300-$700 +taxes and fees to get another rifle instead of just making this one exactly as you want it.

Hmmmm...doesn't seem very smart to me, considering that a BCM is a top-notch rifle.
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