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Originally Posted by Apetrulis01 View Post
I am running an Aimpoint on my rifle right now. I have a mount on it so the sights are running in the bottom third of the Aimpoint.

What I am stating is with the scope (1-4x) the front post gets in the way because I do not like to run the scope as high as the Aimpoint.

I am looking to get heavy into three gun and one of those two rifles could fit the bill as a duty/3 gun rifle.

I thought about a low gas block and free floating the forend; but with the cost of doing such I could but that money and the money getting selling my rifle and get the Stag. Obivously more money would have to go towards the Colt.

These guns also come with $250 triggers which again I would have to put towards the BCM when I could just put towards the new gun.

1. What "scope" are you talking about?

2. Have you actually tried that scope on your BCM?

3. To trade a BCM for a STAG would be fool hearty.

4. Don't kid lose big money selling an AR/upper...big money.
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