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Originally Posted by Apetrulis01 View Post
I am going to start getting in three gun shooting a lot more. Right now I have a Rock River Lower with a BCM Midlenght upper with a standard A2 front post. This doubles as my duty rifle (Deputy Sheriff) and my three gun rifle. Yet I am limited because I cannot mount a 1-4x on the BCM because the front post is in the way; and I do not like ot have it mounted high to get over the front post.
This makes no sense to me. What, exactly, do you mean when you write "I cannot mount a 1-4x on the BCM because the front post is in the way"?

Do you have an Aimpoint on it now? Why do you think you can't put a different optic on it? Tell us exactly what optic you're talking about using, and why you think you can't put it on your BCM.

And why didn't you post this in the BRF?

Anyways, the real answer is a low profile gas block, and a free-float quad-rail on your existing BCM upper. That is, if you don't decide that mounting an optic on your BCM is fine.
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