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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Well of course there was a "confrontation" a fight is a form of confrontation. Bear in mind there was ample opportunity for Martin to have called the police and reported a suspicious person following him, which is what a reasonable and prudent person would do. Come to think of it, one person DID call the police and report someone they thought was suspicious. You folks that seem so interested in convicting Zimmerman might sound reasonable IF Martin had called the cops, and Zimmerman hadn't. Do not forget that the police DID investigate this incident and they and the prosecutor were satisfied that no case existed and it is the media. media whores, and politicians (I know, redundancy) who have brought about the legal situation, not for justice but to curry favor. Remember, this case is probably going to revolve around the actions of someone who DIDN'T think calling the police was the way to handle the situation.
I was referring to the actions by either person that led to the fight, not the fight itself.

And the lead detective initially wanted to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter and signed an affidavit to that effect. The state attorney (I believe) instructed him not to after a few hour's worth of investigation, ignoring possible evidence and eye-witness testimony. The fact that the new prosecution team had probable cause to arrest and charge with 2nd degree murder after a proper, thorough investigation proves that the initial handling of the case was bungled, unless you want to accuse the new prosecution team of of fabricating evidence or not knowing the law.

I love how everyone wants to jump to a conclusion when not nearly all of the evidence has been made public. You have probably half the facts or less, therefore your opinions are half-baked. A wise man once said, "An uninformed opinion is worth nothing."

The fact is, until the trial is over (if there is one), and all the facts and evidence are public record, no one can speak intelligently on the matter.

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