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Fiber Optic Sights on a Carry Gun

To start off, I recently purchased a nib glock 26 . This is my first and only handgun, basically a do-everything gun for me. I will soon be carrying it, but first I wanted to switch out the factory plastic sights.

The sights that looked most appealing to me were the Warren tactical sights, specifically with the front fiber optic sight. After reading around on the internet I found some people that were concerned about the durability of the fiber optic sight. Seeing as how I'm drawn toward the sight picture offered by the FO front sight I would like to purchase them, unless of course they wouldn't be the best choice for concealed carry.

Basically, would you conceal carry a gun with fiber optic sights? Any input/opinions on the Warren tactical sights or other excellent carry sights are of course welcome. Thanks for the help
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