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I certainly cannot disagree with your thinking here, a good JHP like Gold Dot’s asADK_40GLKr has suggested, will in most all situations “take care of business”. My viewpoint comes from several discussions that I have had with individuals who have had to pull and fire their weapons in one crisis situation or another. I myself have had to pull (but not fire) my weapon in some thug’s botched attemptat breaking into my home.

Only after you have gone through something like this and have had time to think/rethink the events do you start asking the questions concerning penetration, knock down power or what have you and over-penetration.

Now let me throw a wrench into my own thinking here, my friend is a retired police detective from Columbus, Ohio and his input is not to over-think this issue of “over penetration” too much, because his experience has been that most would-be robbers/assailants are not going to confront you in a well lit, crowded environment so if that bullet goes clean through him and out the other end, most likely noone will be “down range” to be affected by it anyway.

However if not for any other reason than my own conscious, I will still stick to my routine of changing bullets based on seasonal/clothing changes.

Just my thoughts

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