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Originally Posted by Iam2Taz View Post
attrapereves - If you are talking about the public range just a few miles north of Columbia, MO. They have several ranges there. There is a place to throw your own skeet / clays.
Personally, I avoid the place like the plague. Too many Saturday cowboys that are about half nuts.
Green Valley has numerous pistol ranges, a nice rifle range, (250 yards) and is home to the Bianchi Cup. Very nice. There is a club in Jeff City that is nice as well, but I don't know what other amenities they have.
Yeah, that's the problem with free ranges; they seem to invite unsafe folks. How is the range during the week in the morning?

I might give it a try and if it's bad, I'll make a trip to Green Valley. I'm slightly hesitant to join a pay range because I only seem to go about once a month, sometimes less than that.
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