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Originally Posted by rvanpelt View Post
230 gr. wwb work well in my Glock 36. Can't believe they would be too much for my Glock.
There are 2 videos on YouTube, search "tnoutdoors9 wwb". One with 9mm and one with .40 where in a wetpack newspaper setup, neither bullet expanded. He does a lot of ballistics testing on various rounds and I've looked at a bunch of them. This is the only round that I saw that didn't expand. I don't trust it with my life. I encourage everyone to watch some of his videos to see how ammo performs. Personally in my 45 long barrel, I like Hornady TAP +p because it penetrates well and expands enough to get the job done. Where over penetration is an issue in say a .40 or 357 Sig the Winchester PDX1 looks like a great round. 380 and 9mm I like the Hornady as well.

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