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Originally Posted by NitLion View Post
Re-visited this thread and realized there is another load to get. What confused me was that my box said 23918. After some research, I found that 23918 is the same load as 53918 with the 2 at the beginning designating a 20 round box and the 5 designating a 50 round box ( notice the rest of the numbers are the same) Big DUH! for me for being soo thick. Anyway, what I need and what I ordered was the LE load 54234. I will change the list on page one to reflect (lumping 23918 and 53918 together). Also ordered the Lawman cleanfire ammo which is explained on the ammunitiontogo site like this:

This will bring the list up to 108....
54234 is what all us cool people carry
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