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Originally Posted by Bubbaman View Post
Why do all of these edc threads have a bunch of pictures of guns/knives that have never been carried?
Probably because riding along in a pocket doesn't generally create visible wear to a pocket knife.

Example: The items in my picture

Originally Posted by Warp View Post

Carry Issues

That gun has been my primary daily carry (everywhere legal other than the gym or the beach) for something around 5 years now. The Spyderco has been the same since Christmas, although the Emerson I used to show in the pictures that filled that role for a couple years looked just as new as well.

A little Flitz metal polish is all it takes to keep my pocket knives looking like new for their photo ops.

Now, the keychain flashlight shows wear. It's been on my keychain, most of the time, for many years. It gets dropped a lot, often onto concrete. Still going strong though. Those Chinese know how to make a flashlight. (seriously)
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