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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
I canít see how Rodney King was found not guilty or how the Officers were found guilty after seeing the ďfullĒ video that was played only once on TV. I canít see how the thugs that beat down the trucker walked away scot-free. I canít see how OJ walked. I hope Iím wrong but I see jail time for Zimmerman and I wonít be surprised if they beat him to death in prison. But then Iím just going buy historical fact when race becomes the whole issue in a trial. If we donít get what we want weíll riot seems to sway prosecutors and juries. It shouldnít but it always seems to.
Sorry and I was a LEO at the time of Rodney King, that was a complete and obvious ass woopin' . Was the ass woopin' deserved, probably, but its still very illegal for police beat the crap out of suspects that are down and not resisting.

OJ, unfortunately it was a matter of "Reasonable Doubt". If the Zimmerman case does not get dropped at the two prelims (Styandard Prelim and the Stand Your Ground hearing), and it goes to trial, Reasonable doubt will also play in Zimmerman's favor.

Zimmerman should get off, its just a matter if it will dropped at the prelims , or he will be found not guilty because they cannnot convict him of 2nd Degree murder or manslaughter because there is reasonable doubt.
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