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Originally Posted by JuneyBooney View Post
I agree with you but it is because the laws are "ass backwards". Did you see the Black guy in Baltimore the other day that was acquitted for running down the White kids? Pretty disgusting to me.
Itís not the law, although I agree there are many screwed up laws, it's the liberal judges and cockeyed juries that are being selected. Iíve only been allowed to sit on one jury, civil case. All one juror was worried about was getting it over with and back to work. He was afraid heíd lose his job. Another couldnít wait to get back to the bottle. One woman was so afraid sheíd make the wrong decision that I literally convinced her which way to vote. I could go on but there were only two of us that actually knew right from wrong and we literally convinced all the others to vote our way. I never want my life to be in hands of jury like the one I was on.

I was called and questioned for a criminal case. I was asked if I believed in the Hat Crime Law. I said no. I was then asked why. I told the DA that it was a useless law. He asked what I meant. I told him that criminals donít believe they will be caught so itís not a deterrent. I also said that to add time to a personís sentence because they committed a crime against someone of another races was ludicrous. A crime is a crime no matter whom it is committed against and should carry the same penalty for all. I believe what REALLY upset the applecart is when I looked him straight in the eye and with emphases said, beside the law is not being applied equally. I was promptly dismissed.

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