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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
I canít see how Rodney King was found not guilty or how the Officers were found guilty after seeing the ďfullĒ video that was played only once on TV. I canít see how the thugs that beat down the trucker walked away scot-free. I canít see how OJ walked. I hope Iím wrong but I see jail time for Zimmerman and I wonít be surprised if they beat him to death in prison. But then Iím just going buy historical fact when race becomes the whole issue in a trial. If we donít get what we want weíll riot seems to sway prosecutors and juries. It shouldnít but it always seems to.

I can tell you how OJ walked

When Mark Furhman was caught in a lie and when the glove didn't fit.

In this case, IF the prosecution tries to establish a racist motive it will open the door for defense rebuttal, and from what we have heard about Zimmerman thus far, racial motive is not going to stand long in the minds of jurrors.

IMO this case IS, in the jury room, going to be about FACTS, real honest FACTS, and not assumptions and opinions that internet ex-spurts pass off as facts. Some EVIDENCE, not assumption or fantasy, or "must have" or "obviously" is going to have to show that Zimmerman physically started the fight for him to be convicted. This is not a Civil Court with a "Preponderance of evidence shows that "most likely"..... This is a Criminal Court, and Zimmerman is innocent until it is "Proven beyond a reasonable doubt". Unfortunately there are too many people who think the product of their own imaginations is some kind of "proof". By the time the jury sets to deliberation they will have been educated on the difference beyond the level of internet Ex-spurts.
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