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Originally Posted by JBarbaresi View Post
you can add speer gold dot LP (53918), the normal LE load is (54234).
Re-visited this thread and realized there is another load to get. What confused me was that my box said 23918. After some research, I found that 23918 is the same load as 53918 with the 2 at the beginning designating a 20 round box and the 5 designating a 50 round box ( notice the rest of the numbers are the same) Big DUH! for me for being soo thick. Anyway, what I need and what I ordered was the LE load 54234. I will change the list on page one to reflect (lumping 23918 and 53918 together). Also ordered the Lawman cleanfire ammo which is explained on the ammunitiontogo site like this:
Lawman Clean-Fire is loaded like regular Lawman except for the primer and bullet. The ignition power comes from our patented Clean-Fire primer that contains no lead, barium, or antimony. The lead core is completely and seamlessly encased in jacket material so powder gases can't burn lead off the bullet base.
This will bring the list up to 108....
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