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Originally Posted by Bigwatts66 View Post
OK. I have several assualt rifles...AK, AR, RPK... This morning I went to the range with my new Glock 21 Carbine by MEchtech. Been hearing lots about them (all good) so I invested. Added a used set of MBUS sights and started shooting. The unit was very impressive. First, it is sturdy and well built (from MT, where I think everyone builds guns :-). It is slightly heavy, especially with the added quad rail system. But for accuracy, dependability, and power it was NUTS. I fired 300 rounds from my KRISS extended mags at target after target. If I take my time I can remove the bullseye with ease (50yd slow fire with tapco grip pod). The results (bc of the weight and low recoil) standing rapid fore were pretty good. On a man sized target at 25 yards I shredded it. Painted a 2"x12" line on some shootnc's like it was drawing a picture of a sternum on the target. I let some friends shoot it and they were also very impressed. The setup cost me 419 with free shipping, included muzzle brake, CCU, and telescoping stock. "I suggest picking one up if you have the means..."
Sweet congrats. Long guns & hand guns sharing magazines is a great deal IMO. Congrats
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