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Originally Posted by JerryC09 View Post
If you're wearing bifocals, try getting a pair of glasses that are progressive instead. ! quit shooting for around 15 years due to poor eyesight. I'm 62 now, and since my cataracts got had enough for lens implants I can focus on things again. The bifocals still sucked for shooting, though. However, last month I got a pair of progressive grind eyeglasses and now shooting is fun again. I rented a G26 shortly after getting the new eyeglasses and it was so ejoyable to shoot I bought a new G19 & G26 of my own along with an annual range membership. Progressive grind eyeglasses might be a bigger improvement than new sights for a lot of us old guys. I'd still like nightsights, but I'd want to try them out in dim light before buying them. I like the way the tritium hands on my watch are equally visible whether it's bright sun, dusk or late at night.
I'm going to have to look into this, I'm 50 and use TFO Tru Glo's on most of my Glocks they help pretty well.
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