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The BCM Gunfighter Mod1 arrived today and I installed it after getting home from work. I posted a picture below after the install followed by the picture already posted in the OP with the MIAD grip for easy comparison. WayaX started a thread with better comparison pics you can check out here.

My intial impressions... hmmmm. To echo WayaX's sentiments, it feels odd to say the least. The different grip angle is very noticeable, more so than I thought it would. Like he also said, odd is not necessarily bad but it definitely will take some getting used to. The only disagreement I have is that the grip angle is actually almost identical to that of a Glock, although not nearly as long front to back as the grip of a Glock.

My biggest complaint, keeping in mind that I've only had this installed all of a few hours, is that I wish the grip were a little thicker in both width and front to back length. I have medium sized hands but it feels very thin to me, almost like an A2 grip. The texturing on the sides is very similar to the texture on the MIAD, however it lacks the same texturing on the backstrap which I like about the MIAD.

The storage compartment is easier to access, for me, than that of the MIAD which I normally need 2 hands to open. The grip as a whole seems to mate up to my BCM lower a little nicer than the MIAD, although functionally both are equal in terms of fit. The little "trigger guard extension" that comes with the grip does not fit with the Magpul trigger guard.

As of right now I'm not sure which I prefer, I like the angle of the BCM but prefer the overall thickness, texture, and feel of the MIAD. I guess the MIAD with a steeper angle would be my ideal grip (the MOE-K also feels to thin to me). I will give this new grip an honest shot and get some rounds down range with it before making up my mind.

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